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American hardwood plywood veneer association analysis of the man-made board mark

(1) question: for your association member enterprise in 2013 sales forecast? Compared with the data in 2012? 

Kip Howlett: even if the real estate market is finally starting to enter recovery mode, it is far from to meet the demand of population growth and housing replacement of normal speed. Compared with other sectors of the economy show depression has steadily increased 3-4% last year. Veneer depend on export markets in the United States, because the euro problem lead to exports to the eu market is not stable. We can have more looking forward to 2013. These predictions are based on the political negotiations, of course, there is no deadlock and the United States into a financial crisis.

(2) problems: wood industry and wood industry enterprises in 2013 is the biggest challenge? What is the biggest opportunity?

Kip Howlett: lots of cheap imports from China wood products have occupied domestic market share of U.S. producers. Unfortunately us producers have been steady at 60% of unused capacity.

Double whammy is Canadian lumber producers in the United States market share lost to imports of Chinese products, also serious impact on the Chinese products of logs, veneer and other products manufacturers, U.S. exports to Canada wood manufacturers also reduced. Canadian imports of Chinese products through the Canadian domestic markets as well. As last year, the U.S. international trade commission decided to protest against Chinese dumping U.S. market undermines the EWF floor engineering flooring industry, and protests against China's subsidies. The domestic market has gradually started smoothly.

America soon established for subsidies relevant trade law countries (like China). American hardwood plywood applied for a similar fair trade against China's hardwood plywood enterprise anti-dumping and countervailing duties case. The U.S. Commerce Department decided to continue to investigate this case, the U.S. international trade commission proposed to collect because of the import of Chinese products and evidence of damage to U.S. producers. Accused of dumping margins of more than 300%. In addition, China is the world's largest consumer, illegal log new legislation is to protect the legitimate logs of competitive advantage.

(3) do you think that is what makes you a member of the company in 2012 successfully?
Howlett: our challenge is still a weak economy and the impact of the Chinese imports. North American production of products to ensure product safety and physical performance, the advantage is that wood products to obtain the key to success. HPVA for engineering determined and announced a new wood floor has the most advanced of the ANSI national standards (ANSI/HPVA EF 2012), released in early 2013 for hardwood plywood latest standards (ANSI/HPVA HP - 1-2013).

(4) questions: what do you think of the legislation of plywood veneer industry what is the biggest influence in North America, why?
Howlett: the formaldehyde method will be completed this year, this will impact on imports, helping to ensure that a fairer competitive environment. More than 95% of north American hardwood plywood in accordance with new standards, more than 50% of the product is used without adhesive, nearly 67% of the products has reached the standard of CARB.

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