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The decreasing trend of high-end ambry price rise

Custom-built ambry boom last year, reflects the high-end cabinets products market has been officially recovery, a lot of ambry brand to join the fray, suggests that high-end route has been widely recognized. Incomplete statistics, at present ambry main high-end market of the more than one hundred kinds of products have enjoyed a certain popularity, has certain market share of high-end cabinets have a dozen. 

The personage inside course of study says, whether first-line brand ambry industry this year, and emerging brands, the price is based on last year's increases. Companies are unremitting efforts, to develop a series of new high-end products, increasing cabinet design. 

Now the product when consumer is buying a cupboard that also serves to the requirement of environmental protection is becoming more and more high, the formaldehyde content will not only learn more about products, but also give preference to those who receive certification of green environmental protection product. Can say, green environmental protection concept already thorough popular feeling, consumers become more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection household. Businesses reflect many ambry, customers usually come to store consultation is an important content of environmental performance of products, some even regard it as buy it or not, the first thing to do. So famous brand ambry in environmental protection and the product quality the two chunks is also more and more fast. 

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